Local rescuers working independently in Punta Santiago, and the surrounding areas of Naguabo and Humacao, Puerto Rico, often conduct feeding routes for the hundreds of stray animals that populate these municipalities. 

If you live in Humacao or Naguabo and would like assistance with an existing feeding route, or wish to start a new route, please contact us. 

Para recatistas que trabajan en Punta Santiago, o en Humacao y Naguabo, generalmente: si necesitas comida para los perritos o para tu ruta de alimentación, por favor envíanos un correo electrónico a intake.psd@gmail.com


We are always looking to support independent rescuers or local rescues working in the area of Punta Santiago. If you are just getting started or if you are well established but have a particularly hard case, need help advertising a dog, or need help transporting animals between a foster, veterinarian, and airport, please contact us.

Para recatistas que trabajan en Punta Santiago, o en Humacao, generalmente: apoyamos a las rescatistas independentientes. Por ayuda con transporte, veterinario, o comida, por favor contáctenos intake.psd@gmail.com

Si tu ves o tu tienes un perro que necesita ayuda y quieres contactar nosotras, por favor visite nuestra "intake" página para más información.